Our Services

As a professional consulting company, Carmean&Gohlke aims to provide recruiting services, career development and consulting,salary and benefits consulting for top-tier international schools in Asia, and improve the sustainable development of client schools and the improvement of organizational effectiveness through our services.

Talents Scouting

We communicate with human resources department experts and other leaders to understand job requirements. We then collaborate with the client to achieve efficient support for the establishment of the school's talent team.

Career Development and Consulting

In the early stage of school development, rapid growth period, stable period or transition period, there are different requirements for the leadership of the principal. At the same time, from the perspective of personal career development, personal demands are also different at different career stages. Therefore, Carmean & Gohlke provides professional principals and teachers' career development consulting for client schools.

Salary and Benefits

A sound and competitive salary and welfare system is the cornerstone of the healthy and long-term development of any international school, because it is related to the stability of the team and is also an important part of the corporate culture. How do we ensure that the school's salary is competitive within the region? How to set up a more complete salary structure? How to provide more humanization concern for the team? Carmean & Gohlke Consulting works closely with client schools to help schools build a complete salary and benefits package based on industry data.